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Tork EasyCube boosts cleaning productivity by 60 per cent

Cleaners can improve their productivity by more than 60 per cent when working in a Tork EasyCube connected facility. And the fact that Tork EasyCube leads to better planning, more efficient management and fewer dispenser run-outs means it creates a ...

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Paper Plain Wrong

With an unprecedented amount of sensitive information printed and shared around the office on a daily basis, much of it left in easy to access places, taken on public transport and rarely disposed of appropriately, it has become clear that ...

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FM has the power to make changes in looming energy crisis

Facilities Management (FM) professionals will play a crucial role in the evolving energy debate, according to a discussion panel of energy thought leaders, but only if knowledge and skills levels are increased. This came out of the British Institute of ...

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Forum debates the future value of facilities management

Educating business, demonstrating economic benefit, linking facilities management (FM) to productivity and responding to future trends and consumer behaviour were just some of the areas debated by a panel of industry leaders at the latest British Institute of Facilities Management ...

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South Essex NHS Trust switches on to greener office supplies

South Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (SEPT) has successfully implemented a ‘green switch’ on its office supplies. As part of a six-month review of its procurement practices it has switched over 375 products for more sustainable substitutes, including paper, pens ...

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80% off businesses still don’t recycle new survey finds

Many businesses have not got the message on recycling and send most, if not all, of their rubbish to landfill, a study by a new study has found. According to the survey, up to 80% of companies have no green ...

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Tea to takeaway? Workers view theft in the office as fair game

Tea bags, paper, pens and software are all targets for the office thief. Office workers the length and breadth of Britain are stealing everything from pens and paper to software on a daily basis, as they increasingly see it as ...

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Four steps to aligning profit and environmental sustainability

A new paper providing insight in to what can be done to break down the barriers preventing organisations from effectively investing in environmental and sustainability measures has been published. The culmination of a four-part blog series, the paper Aligning Profit ...

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RICS paper to help FMs garner information

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has released a paper to help facilities managers generate, analyse, use and report on facilities management information.

The paper aims to improve professional practice and reporting on efficiencies by encouraging facilities managers to make better use of their data and information when making decisions.

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